Coffee Roaster

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   1    12+  10-30 min  5/10

Creating the perfect coffee: That is your task as a COFFEE ROASTER in this one-player game. In the playing time of 10-30 minutes, you need to have the right touch and a good nose for harnessing the full potential of the coffee beans.
To begin with, it is important to roast the coffee beans (that are still hard at this point) evenly and screen out unpleasant pieces. At the same time, make sure to affect the roasting conveniently and to stop in the right moment.
After that, the roasted beans are processed and, finally, the decisive cup-testing takes place: Will it be the creation of a true master roaster?

  • 1 dubbelzijdig Roast bord
  • 1 testkopje bord
  • 1 dubbelzijdig thermometer en roast-counter bord
  • 1 rondemarkeersteen
  • 1 Roast markeersteen
  • 1 stoffen buidel
  • 103 bonen-fiches
  • 16 smaak fiches
  • 19 andere fiches
  • 5 kopje-effect fiches
  • 2 sets van 22 dubbelzijdige koffiekaarten (Duits en Engels)
  • overzichtskaart
  • Informatiekaart
  • scoreblok
  • Spelregels

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